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Hotel add-ons

Luxury Condo Rooms

The condo rooms come complimentary with, Movies, 3+ Walks per day, Elevated beds, friendly home décor, Evening Snack, and lots of cuddle time with a personal handler!

For our clients with multiple fur babies, Condos can accommodate either:

1 Large-Extra Large Dog 41+ pounds

2 Medium Dogs 26-40 pounds

3 Small Dogs 0-25 pounds

The pricing for the condos are:

22$ Per Dog Per Day

hotel accommodations


boarding requirements

Here at Xcel we are proud to offer luxury boarding services in our state of the art 5-star facility. We are fully licensed, inspected, and overseen by top veterinarians. Our mission is to provide owners peace of mind while providing a fun, safe, and comfortable experience for their fur kids.  

The Kitty Condos come complimentary with, pet friendly movies, 2 litter changes per day, comfortable elevated beds, Evening snack, and lots of cuddle time with their personal handler.

Kitty Condos can accommodate:

1 Cat any size

The Pricing for Kitty Condos are:

18$ Per Cat Per Day

We offer several Add-ons to make your pets stay with us even more fun and enjoyable!


Kitty Condo Rooms

Here at Xcel we require that all pets boarding with us provide a Rabies certificate and Bordatella to be kept on file. Pets without a current rabies certificate will not be able to board with us. We highly recommend vaccinating your pets with Bordatella, Distemper/Parvo, and using a worming regiment. We also insist owners provide their pets own food for their stay with us to insure no stomach upset. For cats we recommend bringing not only their own food, but their own litter as well to insure there are no unknown allergies and to help curb litter box aversion.


Our facility proudly offers several amenities for free while your pet stays with us. Your pet will receive a minimum of 3 outdoor walk/potty breaks per day, all rooms receive television to watch pet friendly movies, elevated beds, calming home décor, evening treats, and all pets will receive personal one on one play & cuddle time with a handler assigned to them upon check-in. For our clients convenience we offer free medicine administration*, accommodations for special diets, an indoor potty yard for shy or nervous pets, and trained vet techs on staff.

*Free medicine administration refers to non-injections and meds administered during normal hours of 7am to 7pm. Injections are 2$ per administration and after hours is 10$ per administration.

Catnip treat - 5$ per day given

Brushing/Cuddle Time: A 15 min relaxing brushing and cuddling session with your cat's personal handler during their stay - 5$ per cuddle session

Peanut Butter Stuffed Kong- 5$ per day given

All-Natural Calming Aid - 2$ per day given

Square Walk: A 15 min walk and play time finishing with a yummy All-Natural treat! - 5$ per walk

Extra Play Time: A 15 minute indoor play session, including toys and treats with your dogs personal handler during their stay- 5$ per play session