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Dogs attending daycare will need to be current on flea and tick preventative, Rabies, and Bordatella vaccine. If fleas or ticks are spotted your pet will be treated at the owners expense.

doggie daycare services

Here at Xcel we are excited to offer Doggie Daycare!. Daycare is offered 8am to 6pm tues - Sat. Please call our facility  ( 816-844-3647 ) to check for closed or half days due to weather, holidays, ect. We do not offer Daycare on Sunday or monday

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Doggie Daycare!

Daycare includes either group or individual play time dependent upon your pets needs. Full day pets will receive 3 play sessions and 2 pup friendly movies. Play sessions last 1-2 hours as needed, and in between sessions pets are able to rest comfortably in their own private room with fresh water, treats, elevated beds for napping, and a fun movie to watch! Pets participating in daycare are taken out for potty breaks 3 times per day.

Why Daycare?

Doggie daycare can be beneficial in several areas. Not only does it help fight boredom from being home alone it has several behavioral benefits as well. Dogs attending daycare are able to become socialized in an environment that is safe, rewarding, and fun. The benefits of a well socialized pup are less destructive behaviors, increase in learning ability, and an overall happier pup! Potty training is another huge benefit to daycare. We know its impossible to keep an eye on your fur baby when you have to go to work or run errands so let us do it for you. Puppies attending daycare potty train over 50% quicker than those that are left at home